Bretz 30th Anniversary


Thirty years ago, a small group of friends got together to discuss the Toledo bar scene. They all concluded that the bars they visited in other cities were so much nicer than anything in Toledo at the time. Over cocktails, they thought they could pool their skills, knowledge and finances to create a bar that the LGBT people of Toledo deserved. So the The Legend was born.

The plans were grand by any standard in Toledo at the time. Glass walls, custom upholstered seating and furniture, table-clothed waiter service and a polish that had never before been seen in any bar in Toledo. One of these gentleman happened to own a nondescript building at the very far West end of Adams Street - and the location was set. Then came the architect to twist the building's square interior, artists to give the place a brand and people with the panache to know what would impress Toledo's most dignified celebrants. Over many months, the building would be transformed into a bright light in Toledo's gay scene. Bretz was born.

April 1st, 1987 was quite a day. Early attendees were not prepared for what they would see. Flowers arrived, ice sculptures were in place and the waiters sported their tuxedos. Many were unable to describe the feeling of stepping into such an elaborate environment.

Bretz is currently the longest running LGBT Dance Club in the state of Ohio.

Join us as we celebrate Bretz past, present and future. This is for ALL of you.

The legacy and the legend Continues.

*Food and entertainment details to follow as we get closer to April 1st.